observation of beautiful forms

Jessica Wright

Studio Gennaio

    *commissioned by madeinroath 2017

madeinroath is a community arts festival based in the heart of Roath, Cardiff. The festival aims to take art out of the gallery and into the community, through an exciting programme of events and activities. madeinroath’s focus is on showcasing the huge creative talent from within the local community, as well as bringing exciting and inspiring art and culture to Roath from further afield.


The observation of beautiful forms is the literal translation of the Ancient Greek word kaleidoscope. We’d like to think of this not only as a visual observation but audio
observation too. As tourists, wanderers and strays, we appreciate places in very different
ways to our hometowns. We take far more of an interest in a place’s heritage and quirks
when we are unfamiliar with them. Collide-O-Vision is a look at the city of Roath through
the eyes of outsiders, in a conscious effort to showcase the beauty of everyday
surroundings. Local landscape and culture, is made abstract using a process much like
that of a kaleidoscope, Collide-O-Vision.