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First Line Theatre

People passing all around. Cars, voices, noises blurring into background sound. Faces one by one fading into the distance.

Basic Space explores how easy it can be to feel completely alone on a busy city street. People bustling all around. Nameless faces passing by. The isolation that can be felt in the every day, even when surrounded by people. For intimate audiences, each audience member is given a headset connected to pre-recorded audio as we journey through the city together.

A companion peice, Living Space is a durational live performance exploring our relationships with the space, our living space and the connections that we create with and within it.

We strive to take live performance out of gallery spaces, as there is an unhealthy disconnect between art communities and the general public. We make work outside of art spaces so that people who don’t necessarily seek out art can experience it in some way. We believe art is for anyone and everyone.

First Line Theatre has performed at;
Hijacked Festival @ Double Locks, Exeter UK
Plymouth Fringe Festival, Plymouth UK
The Future Project @
Inland Art Festival, Redruth UK
Edwardian Cloakroom, Bristol UK
Party In The Town, Totnes UK
Politmore Festival @ Poltimore House, Exeter UK