JUNE 2019: .../CC01 (Carbon Copy) First Edition, Brederodestraat Antwerp, Belgium

I’ll have text work included in ... /CC01 (Carbon Copy) this July in Belgium.

... /CC01 (Carbon Copy) is inspired by samizdat, an underground self-publishing network that originated in Soviet Eastern European countries. Living in a climate where publications were heavily censored by the government, people started forming an underground network through which they could freely distribute text & image, appropriately naming it sam (Russian; “self, oneself”) izdat (Russian; “publishing house”). Because of limited access to photocopying machines and other equipment, readers had to resort to copying the literature by hand, often editing and appropriating it along the way, and passing their copy on to the next reader so it could be copied again. This way, the movement blurred the traditional role of the author, reader, editor, publisher and bookseller. In today’s literary climate we still see a very traditional take on these roles in the offline world, but online there is a similar shift happening: once published on the worldwide web content can be easily copied, modified, and circulated in ways beyond our control. Audiences will be invited to copy, modify, adapt, appropriate, comment, and leave behind another version of the modified text. 

JUNE 2019: EDRA 50 Sustainable Urban Environments Web Archive, NYU Tandon
After the success of the EDRA screening, EDRA will publish extracts of artist videos on the official Edra50 web page to create a digital archive about art and sustainability including my contribution The Monolithic Dome Cap Unit.

MAY 2019: Sustainable Video Art, NYU Tandon, Brooklyn USA

My video work will be showing at the Sustainable Video Art screening in NYU Tandon in May at the international urban sustainability conference EDRA50 Brooklyn, NYU Tandon. The conference holds a screening afternoon in cooperation with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy) showcasing recent video art devoted to the topic of sustainable urban environments. Ten contributions by international artists will be presented that deal with issues concerned with the goal of achieving sustainable cities in the near future. The event is part of an ongoing research project curated by Diego Mantoan, critic and art history professor at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, together with Lara Gaeta, an expert in sustainable art and active at Hangar Bicocca in Milan.

MAY 2019: TOA (Tech Open Air) Festival 2019, Berlin, Germany

I’ve had a short film selected to be a part of the TOA Festival coming up in July. The festival theme is the future, which can be the future of arts, of technology, of the planet. My contribution is the future of humankind, and the end of the world.

JAN- FEB 2019: Outdoor Arts Development Programme

I’m happy to be starting this year by being a part of the Outdoor Arts Development programme, meeting in Weymouth over a number of weekends. The group will discuss and learn to develop outdoor art projects with the Artist Development Company. It brings together artists and creative’s who have worked on outdoor projects in the past.

JAN 2019: Rung Magazine issue 2

I’ve been working on a video piece for Rung, East Bristol Contemporary’s annual publication. This is the second year I’ve been a part of Rung. This year my group has been led by curatorial duo Harrie Fuller and Kane Cottrell.

We’ve been discussing what the groups brief would be - The recent discovery of a vast expanse of caves that lie hidden underneath the region of Cappadocia in central Turkey has revealed over 250 honeycombed networks of human-created underground towns and cities.  Very little is known about the history of the area, some of the caves date back to 1200 BC leaving people to question why the people of Cappadocia went to such extreme efforts to conceal themselves underground. It is widely agreed that the caves weren’t permanent residencies but vast places in which citizens could take refuge when the cities above ground were under threat.

My response to the brief focuses on the underground cities, more so than the tools themselves. I found it interesting to think about the modern day equivalents to these cities and who would occupy it.

* rung is a grassroots project which aims to support emerging artists in print and online using these platforms to give artists an alternative ‘gallery’ space. Rung issue 01 was a tabloid style newsprint publication with an accompanying website, both of which launched on the 1st June 2018. This was followed by an exhibition featuring several rung artists at Test Space, Spike Island, October 2018. Rung is run by Isobel Emberson and Frances Kelly.